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Farm Machinery

If you have any issues at all with the running of your Farming vehicles then give us a call. Matt is a 
member of the IAME and very knowledgable in all aspects in your vehicle performance.

Whilst we can sell you a Radiator that may fix an overheating problem for example. At Riverstone Radiators 
we would prefer to consult with you and gain a better insight into the issue that you may be having. We can
properly asess what can be done to fix your vehicle and save you time and dollars in the long run.

You can also contact us to make an appointment where Matt will visit you onsite and give you the
best advice. This service may incur a call out fee.

We also offer a pick up and return service. This may also incur a fee.


Riverstone Radiators is a Sydney distributor for quality Australian made radiators with heavy duty cores
as a standard application with warranty.

We can also supply and fit heavy duty/high performance intercooler cores usually at near standard price also 
with warranty.